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Linkcon is a key provider of wide range of products such as Hospital Management, Non Banking Finance application, security management system etc., which facilitates our client base in a promising way.

Product Details
  1. Health Shield - Heath Care Management System

    Heath Shield will be an integrated, modular client server based system which can be extended to a web based solution also. The programs will have GUI as the front end and shall be menu driven. The system shall be user friendly and will have parameter based selection facility. The user shall not have to remember complex logic for operating the system.

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  2. Path Care - Pathology Management System

    Path Care enables your system towards a smooth and automated process. provides online report.

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  3. Incentive Pro - Sales Management Application

    Automatic commission calculation, agent enrollment process, performance analysis for sales agent, Investment scheme records and customer record and TDS with held from sales Agent.

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  4. NBFC Pro - Non Banking Finance Application

    NBFC-Pro facilitates System Administration, Managing Menus and Security Control, Modular Architecture, Centralized Legal Document Control, Compliance of RBI Rules and Regulations, Loan Approval through Workflow(email), Integration with Bank and Other Financial Ins(Optional), Audit System, Integrated Collection System, Web based On line system, Interface with Finance Application, MIS Reports & Legal Document, Easy Maintenance and Secure Data Maintenance

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  5. PPC pro - Enterprise Resource Planning for Plant & Production Control

    Web based Time keeping system. All the remote station will capture the workforce's daily time. Time Entry allows users to easily and accurately keep track of the time that they spend on different categories or subjects. Multiple users can work simultaneously; Our Web based application works on a wide area network.

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